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About The InnerCercle.

History of InnerCercle

InnerCercle was founded in 2021 as the place for users to share their thoughts without censorship. The core mission of the InnerCercle is to provide the place to share what’s on your mind to your friends and these in your InnerCercle.

InnerCercle is a W-World Brand

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Why Choose InnerCercle

Connect with your InnerCercle

Share what's on your mind

With the InnerCercle, share your views on a range of topics including COVID-19 and more. InnerCercle won't flag the content for false information or misleading content.

Your Data is Your

Your data is yours and your alone. We will never sell your data tp third party advertising parties. To help with costs, we simply ask for donations which can be as low as $5 a month.

24/7/365 Support

While other social media companies don't have easy access for support aka phone number or fast response times. Instead of waiting for days or non response, InnerCercle goal is to respond to support within one to two business days.

InnerCercle Services & Features

Live Stream Video Multimedia Concept


The foundation of a business or brand is their social media page, with InnerCercle, you can reach thousands of people per day. 

Time / clock


The core feature of InnerCercle is to be able to chat with your friends.

Coming InnerCercle Services

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The InnerCercle App is coming Spring 2023.

Coming soon - blue neon light word on brick wall background

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