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At W-World, we believe in the future and changing the world.

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The World Awaits You

W-World Media Inc. (W-World Media) is an online Canadian-based media company that provides the latest media content and online services for users around the world. Based out of Metro Vancouver, Canada, we are expanding around the world with news, media, and social media content for the ever-changing fast pace world.

With roots going back to 2008, W-World Media was officially founded in 2014 and Incorporated in 2016.

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It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

– Scott Belsky

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We at W-World want to inspire the next generation.

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The News

The Game Changer in News

News is one of the biggest things that is shared online and vis the word of mouth. Each and everyday thousands upon thousands of stories are created and shared

WNews, the oldest W-World Brand, presents the news in a whole new way.

The New Social Networking

The New Place to Share your Thoughts

With brands like InnerCercle, we are creating friendly platforms and Services that is easy to use.

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Hosting & Platform services

Digiima: Powering the Future World

Digiima is the platform and hosting services that powers W-World and it’s brands. With Digiima: Hosting you cam host your site or services for cheap.

Advertising Your Brand

Your Brand, Your Ads & Many People

With the W-World Advertising Program, your brand can be put out to hundreds of thousands of users who uses our services each and every day plus many more on approved W-World Ads Networks Sites. 

With affordable prices and many placements across the Services, you can guarantee that your brand will be seen by the right market.

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