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As a growing company, we want the best for our customers and for our users but sometimes you may need to contact the company for support. Please follow the contact link for issues or the support path that is needed for you.

Main Contacts:

For support or questions, please email your questions to support@w-worldmedia.com

For WNewsNetwork related support, please visit wnewsnetwork.com for the contact info.

For copyright related for both W-World Media and WNewsNetwork, please visit our copyright page for more info.

Tech Support

If you have any issues with the app, websites or other related tech questions. Please email support@w-worldmedia.com

For Media Inquires: 

Please email media@w-worldmedia.com or email either Eric Boland (president/co-founder) (e.boland@w-worldmedia.com) or Octavian Olaru- CEO/Co-Founder (o.olaru@w-worldmedia.com)

For Jobs openings:

Please view the Jobs page for current opening

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