W-World Media Inc. (W-World Newsroom) – You have properly noticed something new, the w-worldmedia.com has been redesigned from the ground up.

Ever since the site launched in 2017, we had used the same design for the last five years. In November, we started on the new design and look for the site. We have launched new details product and service pages on the site.

Some parts of the site still have areas to be worked on and will be released over the coming days, weeks and months.


The My W-World Account Page

One of the biggest things that we are going to be launching within the coming months is a place to log in with your My W-World Account for our services like WNews, Digiima, Publication and W-World Media’s main site. If you logon or signed up, for example, WNewsNetwork.com, you will be able to access that same login on Digiima.com if you want to sign up for a hosting account. If you need a support ticket for an issue for example, with InnerCercle*, you can use your My W-World Account to log in to the InnerCercle’s Support Desk.


*The login and use of My W-World Account will not be available on launch on InnerCercle’s platform, only InnerCercle’s helpdesk.