W-World Newsroom- Get ready for a blast of the past with this year-end review only on WNewsNetwork. First started in 2015, The year-end counts down the events of the year with a 31-day countdown of the top news.


2015 was the year of many terror attacks across the world including the terror attack in Paris. 2016 was the game charger with the world with Donald Trump being Elected as POTUS in a surprising win for the GOP. 2017 brought many events to the world including the mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed many and injured many who were at a concert.


2018 is the year that saw many things to the world which the world did not expect from Hurricanes to storms to attacks and shootings to sudden elections changes in countries around the world. This year’s Year-end review will be one of the hardest to count down but WNews will do it. We are releasing a one-hour special on Christmas Day for the world to watch.


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