Monday, January 21st, 2019

Vancouver, CanadaW-World Media is changing the way people connect online which we are releasing a few updates on Digiima. Today’s we are shifting the focus of Digiima to a Platform service. During the last year, during our marketing and branding surveys on Digiima, most users saw Digiima as a technology name brand and not as a social networking name. We are taking our users seriously and shifting Digiima into a platform, effective today.

The main reason for the shift is that we can spin Digiima off into many services and brands under the W-World Name. With Digiima as a platform will open up the brand for possible development into other platforms like mobile devices or for developing applications for Developers.

Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing the new logo and Slogan for Digiima while updating the websites. Our goal is to shift most of our sites and brand to using the Digiima Platform Service which will help connect our services and brands together. We expect this process to take around two years.

Due to the change of plans, we are going to be unveiling the new name for the Social Networking Platform by the end of March. Our goal is to launch the platform into beta on both Web and Mobile platforms which will be ‘Powered by Digiima’, by the end of June.

The new Social Networking will focus on users sharing their news to the world, while a huge protection on security and privacy. We believe that users should have access to their information and who’s that information is being shared with. The new network will have a shift from advertising model to a share revenue model for top posters.

We will be releasing new updates over the process of the new platform that will change the way users share their news to the world. Follow our social media accounts by following @wworldmedia or visit for details.

For questions or comments, please contact Eric Boland (CEO) at or at

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